Unknown Things About Your Apartment Could Be Costing You More Than You Think!


When a person is looking to rent an apartment, the first they do is look in the classifieds and they do their best in finding an apartment that will best suit their needs. Any potential renter believes that once they read the ad and are given the green light as far as moving in that everything is good and dandy. In most cases it is but in this day and time there should be some more investigating before going ahead and signing a lease or rental agreement.

The big thing is that there are some unknown things about an apartment that could be costing you more money and you are not even realizing it. One of the first things that a person should ask before renting an apartment is the lifestyle of the people who lived in the apartment before you did. One good question is if they had pets or not. If you are a person who has allergies and are allergic to pet dander, you could be getting sick and have the slightest clue as to why you are getting sick. It certainly could be the pet dander. Another big question is past drug use in the house. Some states these days are requiring landlords to advise potential renters as to if the previous renters had been arrested in the apartment for manufacturing methamphetamine. Home meth labs are very popular these days and the caustic chemicals left behind can certainly make you sick. If you had no clue that the people renting the apartment before you were regular methamphetamine cooks and users, you would be clueless as to why you were getting sick. More trips to the doctor and to the pharmacy are more expenses that are due to your apartment and you had no clue because you had no idea.

Then there are the usual things such as insulation problems and heating problems. If you have no clue that your heater or your air conditioning is not functioning properly, you could be using more electricity and that will be costing you more in the long run. Poor insulation means more air which means that a person will have to use more power to heat and cool their home.

It is always good to ask questions of a landlord before renting. While everything may be looking good on the outside and from what you can see, there could be some other problems and it is best to ask the landlord about them. In the end, it could save you money and those unknown things about your apartment will not be costing you a dime.

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